My events aren’t showing up on Nama,  what can I do?

If events in your area are not showing up on Nama, please let us know by sending an email to our managing editor. If we have a writer in your region, we will pass on the request and be sure to get the event on our site. If not, our managing editor will post on behalf. If you are interested in becoming a writer and posting content yourself, please see below.

Why does Nama have advertising?

Nama has many start up and ongoing operating costs and without an income stream new content and updates would be unlikely to keep up with the pace of change in the photo & film worlds of Asia.


How can I become a writer or editor for Nama?

Nama is looking for writers and editors to join the Nama team. If you are interested in becoming a writer or editor, please fill out an application. Applicants must have a proven background in documentary photography or film as a shooter, editor, curator, critic or academic. Fluency in English and your national language is required. Knowledge of other languages in your region is a major plus.

What is my responsibility as a writer?

It will be your responsibility to post a well written 50-100 word article at least once a week about something important in the world of documentary photography or film from your region. This can be something about artists, awards, books, contests, crowd funding campaigns,exhibitions, festivals, grants, interviews, projects, screenings, speakers, submissions, workshops and more.